Monday, January 17, 2011

Steamed Decor - Coffee Table Display

This is just a brief note on steampunkish decorating - I thought I would post oddments of my attempts at steampunk decor here.

With my interest in the steampunk scene, I would love to embark on a steam-decor blitzkrieg of my apartment, but I lack several things: 1. Hardcore steampunk maker skills; 2. Money to hire other folks' awesome maker skills or expensive items, and 3. I don't own my place, so my hands are tied in many ways for what I *can* do.

However, I am a decent forager, and between keeping a sharp eye out for many years on eBay (before steampunk-connected stuff became outlandishly expensive), and having an excellent local source for nifty bits and pieces, I have accumulated some pretty cool oddments.  (Did I mention?  I'm also an appalling packrat.)  Now that I am working on tidying my very messy apartment (really, no, there is NOT half a dozen homeless people squatting in my abode, it just, um, looks like it), I am also trying to incorporate more steampunk details into my eclectically and erratically decorated place.

I thought, as I create little vignettes around my apartment, I will post them here, for your comment, entertainment, etcetera.

I decided to start with my display coffee table, which has a glass top and a drawer below.  The front 3 compartments of the drawer are visible under the glass top, and I decided that 2 of those compartments would make a fun display of some of my found steampunk objects - the 3rd, middle compartment is occupied by a portion of my vintage marble collection (which I wasn't about to move).

Photo of the cofffee table top

Objects found while scrounging, plus a rivet hammer
Assorted brass objects plus opera glasses

Closeup of a brass teapot and a small round brass box found while scavenging.

I'm interested in seeing what other people do for steampunk decorating.  Please feel free to post links to photos and tales of your own steampunk decor ideas, in comments to this blog. (I had hoped perhaps folks would be able to post photos directly in the comments, but I don't think that's an option.  But if you find a way around that, please do!)


  1. I'm not steampunky enough to provide any adequate commentary, but I LOVE this coffee table idea!

    Do you have any interest in Lovecraftian items?

  2. Possibly - depends on the item - the ex got me into Lovecraft, so my views on Lovecraftian stuff is a bit tainted now ...

  3. I love your coffee table!
    Since we live in a VERY tiny student apartment right now, I have not been able to do much interior decorating. The only real piece of steampunk inspired furniture I've made so far, is the footboard for my son's bed, which can be seen here:

    His room is so small that the chest-of-drawers sits against the back of the footboard, with this mirror attached to the back of the footboard to make it look more like a dresser:

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