Wednesday, May 18, 2011

News: The Steam Wench Salon Page

Greetings good people,

I just wanted to share the news that the Steam Wench has opened the doors of her salon further, with an independent Page on Facebook.  This will provide a place for additional posts that may be less suited to this blog, and more importantly, the Salon on Facebook will allow folks a venue to ask questions, start discussions, and post pictures of their own projects.  I kindly ask that folks do not use the Salon to sell things or place links to shops, etcetera, as there is an abundance of places to sell one's work.  I encourage open discussion and sharing of ideas, projects, and DIY attitudes in my Salon, not commerce.  I will be obligated to remove all such posts I see.

Please use the above Facebook Salon to ask questions, share your projects, and start discussions. 

I will, of course, continue to post here as usual, no fear.   Links to new posts will also be placed in the Facebook Salon.

Thanks everyone for helping me to make Steampunk fun and accessible to everyone!

The Steam Wench

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