Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer Hiatus Is at an End

To my horror I have realized that a month and a half have passed since my last entry.  This is what comes of it being summer, and life impeding the amount of time I can commit to online!  However, more posts will start shortly.  

One of the contributing factors to me lacking time to post (in addition to spending time outside in the sunshine, and getting to have an actual week of vacation in Halifax), is that I have started up a couple of local steampunk events, which have taken some effort in planning and organizing.

Along with getting a Facebook-based steampunk-event-bulletin-board group up and running, to share and spread word of steampunk and related events to locals (Vancouverites for Steampunk), I also have started up a Steampunk Craft Meetup (2 events so far, in July and early September) which I'm hoping will run regularly) and commenced a Steampunk Book Club (Vancouver Steam Librarium and Consortium - first meet booked for October).
Collage of creations crafted by various attendees at the First Steampunk Craft Meet
For local Vancouverites interested, I shall embed the Vancouverites for Steampunk Google calendar here:  

And, of course, I have a busy full-time job.  So it's been busy.  However, I'll be getting back into the swing of regular posts shortly!

Cheers all,

The Steam Wench

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