Thursday, April 19, 2012

Creating a Steampunk Brochure - Part 3 of Creating our Steampunk Group Promo Table

Forgive me, good people, for the long hiatus.  At long last, I'm back to posting.  Annoying how life interferes in what I really want to do.  Between work and running the local steampunk group, I'm not left with nearly enough time to make things and blog! 

When I realized I had time, I peeked at my drafts folder,and realized I still have two posts left to write regarding the promotional table for the local steampunk group, for Imaginarius Fantasticus, a local fantasy-oriented Christmas fair (which took place four months ago!).

So, here is Part Three: Creating a Brochure!

With a lovely brochure stand all ready (previous post), it was time to actually make the pamphlets to put in it.  Had I ever made a brochure before, you may ask?  Why, no, I hadn't.  This was yet another first. 

Opting to make my life easy as far as design went, I simply hit the Microsoft Office free template site, to search brochure designs and find the one I wanted.  These were my two top choices: