Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Best Intentions ... and a Photographic Interlude!

Well.  Here it is, months after my last post, despite my clear intention to post more frequently!

Alas, running the local steampunk group, planning an active summer of events,  on top of working full-time, has left me virtually no time to sew and work on crafty projects, let alone write about it!  Then there was my fabulous vacation to London in early October, and attendance at Steamcon IV, at the end of October.

And now I've gone and decided, with one month to prep, to not only once again have our group promotional table at Imaginarius Fantasticus, the local fantasy-genre-themed Christmas craft fair, but to actually be a vendor as well!

Did I mention that was with one month to prep?

So ... I'm stressed, and busy, and still have no time to post!

However, I have several things, at least, that I shall be posting about over after this weekend is over and done with ... so, as a brief interlude, I leave you with some select photos from our summer steampunk events.
Our invitation to Brass in the Grass, our July Picnic
Photos from our picnic in Queen's Park, The Royal City, New Westminster, BC (August):

Thank you all!  More posts will come!

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