Thursday, December 2, 2010

Introduction to the Steam Wench's Salon

Greetings and welcome to my Salon.

Please have a cup of tea, or a glass of wine, or a snifter of spirits if that is more to your taste.  We don't play terribly on ceremony here.

I hope to indulge myself and you in some steamy talk ... well, no, perhaps not quite in that vein.  Some book reviews, as I encounter good (or not) steampunk literature, and some music reviews, perhaps (though, for me, that shall be much more subjective).  I will share my steampunk social experiences, and photos, and such interesting things as I find on my worldly and aethernet wanderings.  I also plan to share my creative endeavors (successes and disasters) with how-to's and such.  Hopefully with photographs, if I can determine how best to incorporate such things in this new-to-me "blog" world.

So indulge me, enjoy yourself, and please feel free to comment as you will.

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