Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What Can I Do or Make with This?

Okay, folks, open question time:

This wooden watchpart box has come into my possession, complete with many tiny glass vials.  See pictures below (which include a dime for size reference).  Any ideas what I can do / make with this, for a cool steampunky accessory or item?  (Important Note: I have zero engineering skills etc, so I can't make cool things that actually DO stuff.  However, I can make things look nifty, and have quite a range of cool brass etc bits and bobs lying around.)

I want to make something with this cool box / and or vials, but I'm stumped on ideas.
Oh, and to show I do have lots of nifty bits and bobs around, here are a few pics of a bit of what I have to hand to trim / decorate / etc:
    So ... open season!  Suggestions? 


  1. Hi, Steam Wench. I'd use it as a "spice rack" and put some tea-dyed labels on the vials like ye olde chemists would have. As to the outside, I'm partial to decoupage with Victoriana, and you could definitely use some of those wonderful gears and clock parts to make it look like a scientist's or Victorian doc's lab kit. I'm jealous of your stash! Good luck!

  2. Labels are tricky for those vials - they measure about 4 mm diameter - super teeny. I need to figure out how to make labels tiny enough to fit, yet be legible.

    I do like the idea of a Doctor's or Chemist's or quack's kit...